You are starting to make sense of Avrame ecosystem and you still have a lot of questions…

There are things you haven’t fully grasped yet, and you wonder what’s going to be the full cost of your project.

On top of everything, you are afraid of overlooking something that may cost you dearly in the end.

We understand your concerns

   and we have the answers to your questions.

As a matter of fact, we helped over a thousand people getting through this stage...

...and to make it possible to help even more, we packed all the answers into the Self-building Guides.

Building a house is not a walk in the park and you can end up making costly mistakes if you do not know the right way to do it.

Planning is the most important part of the project.

Most of the critical mistakes are made during this phase.

  Do you really know everything you need to know before moving on with planning?  


Wrong assumptions will break your project.

Wrong assumptions will cost you time, money, and they’ll cause unnecessary frustration (to you and to your family).

Planning is the most important phase of the building process and you can't just wing it. 


When you assume you know everything already, you’ll most likely end up with a timeplan and a budget full of mistakes and unforeseen costs.

That's why it is so important that you approach planning with the right mindset and the right know-how.

There is a bit of learning to do before you commit to planning, and it is all covered in our Guides.


  Going from being lost to being able to plan your build like a pro is very simple:

1. Get the Self-building Bundle

You get 3 Guides in PDF format + a budgeting spreadsheet, and you save $39.

2. Read the 3 Guides

You get the wisdom of our 30+ years of experience with self-building and you will get answers to most of your questions.

3. Compile your budget

The Bundle comes with a budgeting spreadsheet, prefilled with over 70 cost items. With the Guides, you'll learn how to customize it to calculate the total cost of your project.

Gain the confidence you need...

Imagine yourself looking in your partner’s eyes and smiling at the thought you finally have chosen the house model you can afford… and you know exactly how much the entire project is going to cost you!

You'll finally understand all the tiny details you need to account for in your project and you'll know exactly what the next step is, and all the steps after that.

That's just a wonderful feeling...

Also, imagine how easy it will be to get your mortgage and permits when you can show you have done your homework and you can explain exactly how things are going to happen.


Three Guides (and you save $39)


Start your self-building journey on the right foot. The 15-step process to get your project off the ground, to get exactly the house you need, to avoid making mistakes.



This Guide will help you to adjust your mindset and expectations,  avoiding many mistakes and misunderstandings, and resulting in considerable savings.  


If used from the very beginning of your project, this Guide will lead you to have absolute clarity about the building process and the costs involved.



You get to join our private Facebook group

with over 1100 active members

who already bought the Guides!

This group is for customers only.  

In the group, you'll find people who are going through your very same journey.

Many of the members are currently building or planning their Avrame homes.

You'll see images of real builds and you can interact with other members to get answers to your questions.

  Do you really know everything you need to know before moving on with planning?  

Buy the Self-building Bundle today

to fix permanently the know-how problem that is fueling your wrong assumptions.

With the Bundle you save $39.

Delivered to your email immediately after the payment.

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